5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Read

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5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Read

Reading offers plenty of benefits for adults and children alike. Today’s generation would rather play games on their pads or watch television. However, it’s important for parents to instill the value and importance of reading. Here are some ways you can motivate your child to read:

1. Design a Reading Corner It’s time to get creative! Spruce up a boring corner of your child’s room or the family room into an inviting reading space. Use colorful wallpapers; throw in a rug, some fuzzy pillows, and even a throw blanket. Your child will enjoy a story more than they’re sitting in a cozy and comfortable spot. You can even make a DIY bookrack or find some affordable options online to stack up all their books and create a fun little library.

2. Make Reading Real Although stories are an excellent way to escape into an imaginary world, take the time to help your child connect with real-life as well. Let’s say your little one is reading a story about a bunny; ask questions about how it would be like to have a pet of their own. You can also take your child to the pet store or the park so they can interact with the friendly animals and create a positive link between what they read and their real life.

3. Don’t Leave Home without Something to Read Just like you never forget to carry snacks and a toy for your child when heading out, don’t leave home without carrying a book. Stories can keep your child engaged and occupied, so you won’t have to worry about them getting bored on the subway or in any public place. Once you begin carrying books as a routine, your child will automatically get used to the idea and ask for something to read when out.
4. Make Books Special If your child has trouble with reading, they may avoid it because it makes them frustrated. This is why you need to ensure that you create a positive experience for them. Give them a personalized bookmark, read to them, read along with them, gift them books as rewards, and so on.

5. Find the Right Book It’s important to understand that every child has a different taste in books. While some might enjoy fairytales, others may look for some comedy. You need to find the right book that interests them and is engaging. If you’re looking to buy children’s books online Lucia Miller’s children’s book are a popular pick. Her easy to read language, warm tone and excellent visuals are what makes the books so great. Her bestselling children’s book series about the lovable cat Muffin will keep your child hooked for days! Check the website for more details about her latest books and more!

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