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Hi, I’m Lucia Miller, born in Zambia, to British parents, then moved to Jolly Old England. I have been fortunate enough to travel halfway around the world but also appreciate coming back to Home Sweet Home! I always enjoyed Reading and Writing women’s fiction and children’s books and won the First prize in Best Essay for my school from the Lifeboat Service. I always wanted to write and make the world smile and laugh, as a Legacy! I have also written a Children’s book series about a loveable cat, Muffin the Marmalade Cat. My hobbies are reading, I enjoy Theatre, Movies, and Art, and traveling to new places. I love Beauty in all its forms. Also, a great animal Lover, which gives me much joy!

However, writing has all of my heart, a fact reflected in my bestselling children’s book, not to mention my recent foray into women’s fiction. My writing is best described as humorous fiction with a centre filled with plenty of heart and heat, depending on whether you’re perusing my women’s fiction or going through my children’s storybooks.

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