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Reading bedtime stories has been a long-held tradition that runs across several cultures. Along with preparing children for sleep, it also fosters parent-child bonds. However, researchers have found more benefits of this bedtime routine. So when you and your child are entering an imaginary world, you’re actually boosting their brain development. Here’s everything you need to know about it: 

1. Contributes to Your Child’s Brain Development

According to studies, higher reading exposure is linked to activation in the left-side temporal region, which supports language processing. When you read bedtime stories to your child, this helps them develop language through sounds. 

2. Develops communication

Reading bedtime stories to your child also helps in developing their communication skills, memory, listening abilities, and language skills. This is an excellent way to improve vocabulary and sentence structure from an early age. Developing communication skills will help them interact better in group settings for school and other public events.

3. Improves attention:

Engaging your children in bedtime stories will also help them get comfortable with reading on a regular basis. This doesn’t only help improve attention but also helps in expressing their emotions the right way. Reading offers a safe and healthy avenue to release any frustration or anger that they might bottle up.

child reading a book

4. Helps Relieve Anxiety

Reading is an excellent way to help your child relax their mind and body before bedtime. Story reading will help them step into an imaginary world and offer relief from any anxieties that might be troubling them. 

5. Helps with Personality Building

As your child grows older, they might start looking up to people and draw inspiration. Reading is the perfect way to influence them and teach them valuable life lessons. Most children’s books are based on important topics like friendship, forgiveness, motivation, and more. This can help in character building while also developing their knowledge.

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