Lucia Miller Books-SMPs

Are you having trouble encouraging your child to read? Well, that is because you haven’t tried Muffin the Marmalade cat series! Check out Lucia’s amazing series here:

4 Benefits of Reading for Fun

Some people might associate reading books with cramming before exams or struggling with reading a very complicated topic. While for others, associate it with a sense of calm and pleasure. They feel relaxed and rejuvenated when they read books, especially if they are re-reading one of their favorite books. People have their own reasons for reading and […]

The benefits of reading to children

Children are born as blank slates. They are small and pure, unaffected by the negativity of the world. This means that how they turn out happens because of external influences us. Jokes aside, children are sponges that soak up everything you give them. Parents have a major role in how the child’s life will look […]